If you want to discover the real Turkey, a trip to Kalkan is an excellent choice. Give yourself the freedom to explore the region with car hire.

About an hour’s drive from the city in your rental car is the ruins of Tlos. These fascinating ruins draw in aspects of many different cultures, including Roman and Byzantine structures. Legend has it that the winged horse Pegasus lived here with his master, Bellerophon. An image of Pegasus can still be spotted on one of the bigger tombs.

Head over to the Turquoise Coast to enjoy the beaches. The coastal city of Fethiye is famous for its traditional fishing port and its fresh tomato crop, and many of the local chef’s take advantage of these to create gorgeous local foods. Sitting in a local restaurant and looking out over the clear blue sea is an unbeatable experience.

If you are interested in sea life and the mysteries of the coast, you can drive your rental car to Kaleköy and arrange for a boat trip which allows you to see the amazing sunken city of Simena. From here, many boat tours will also take you to see the amazing sea caves around the coast. If possible, try to arrange a trip to the Blue Cave, which is Turkey’s most spectacular sea cave.

If you would rather keep your land legs, drive out to the Taurus mountains, which are covered in Turkish flora, from wild olive and carob trees at lower levels, and brilliant oak and pine forests as you ascend.