Located just 70km east of Antalya, Side is a great place to come to if you are looking for a relaxing family holiday. Staying in Side and renting a car will allow you to access all of the most wonderful features of Antalya, but you will be able to enjoy them from a slightly more relaxing setting.

Take a day trip to the Manavgat market and buy some authentic local souvenirs, before heading to the nearby Salale Falls. The area is famous for its cotton and textiles, so use this opportunity to purchase some wonderful Turkish inspired clothes. The market is only held twice a week, so make sure that you check the day before you drive there.

The coastline around Side is also jam-packed with secluded coves and tiny beaches. Ask the locals for their recommendations, and you may be able to find a beach all to yourself. Alternatively, visit one of the larger beach resorts, and enjoy the beach facilities, including sun loungers, umbrellas, snack bars, and water sports.

To indulge your inner history buff, take the opportunity to drive out to the ruins of Perge and Aspendos. The city of Perge was the first stop for Saint Paul, as he set off on his missionary trip around Europe. It was once a bustling Roman city. Looking to the ground, it is even possible to see grooves worn into the flagstones by Roman chariot wheels. Aspendos is one of the world’s best-preserved ancient theatres, and was large enough to hold up to 15,000 spectators.