Although Kemer has everything that you need for an amazing holiday, you can enhance your holiday experience by getting out of the city, and taking some day trips in surrounding area with a hire car.

The ancient city of Phaselis is just a few kilometres down the coast. Home to the Persians, the Romans, and the Greeks, the ruined city provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to slip back in time. The ruins of marketplaces, bathhouses, and an outdoor theatre are all clearly visible. After looking round the ruins, you can pop to the nearby beach for a quick dip.

If you fancy taking in the region from above, drive to Mount Tahtali cable car station, and enjoy the gondola ride to the top. Standing at 2365metres, it is one of Turkey’s highest “coastal” mountains. From the summit, you gaze out over the sea, or you can turn to look inland. Mount Tahtali and other nearby mountains also offer guest fantastic trekking and rock climbing opportunities.

For another example of Turkey’s fascinating geography, take a trip to see Pamukkale. The name of this spectacular natural attraction means “cotton castle”, and was given to the site by visitors who thought that the spectacular, white rock formations looked like a castle made of cotton. In order to protect the amazing rock pool formations, bathing is not allowed in most of the park area, and certain types of clothing or footwear is not permitted elsewhere. To find out more about how the pools formed, visit the museum.