If you are looking for the perfect blend of history, culture and seaside tourism, then Fethiye is the right location for you. Make the most of your time in the area by hiring a car, so that you will have the freedom to explore your surroundings.

Top historical attractions that you can get to by rental car include the Roman Theatre and the Tombs of Amyntas. These tombs have been cut straight into rock in the south of Fethiye, and are thought to have been there since 200BC. It is possible to see some Lycian sarcophagi in the town hall. In the hills to the southeast of the city, you can also spot 900 rock tombs and monolithic tomb houses. It seems as though history is visible almost everywhere you turn in this region.

If you would prefer something more relaxing, take a trip to one of Turkey’s most famous beaches, at the Ölüdeniz Lagoon. The white sandy beach is backed by gorgeous dense pine forests. For the brave, nearby Mount Baba is well-known for its paragliding. The Lagoon looks as spectacular from the air as it does from the ground. Another great beach can be found at Patara, which is thought to Turkey’s longest beach. Just off of the beach, you will also find Roman and Byzantine ruins.

If you want to treat yourself, visit one of the famous Turkish baths in the area. The Hamam Paspatur is a excellent choice for a little pampering, and it will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.